Plant Consciousness

Message to all Earthlings
Trees, or more specific the roots of the trees, form a huge Earth grid and they are all connected both literally as energetic.

Realize that trees (and all other life on this Mother Plane) are suffering badly due to all electrosmog including and especially 5G, weather radars / manipulations... but also the heavy polluting ships in the oceans. The air we breathe is heavily polluted, the waters are heavily polluted.

Realize that without trees there is no O2 on this Mother Plane anymore and also no surface water. Where would we humans be without O2 and H2O?

All life is inter-connected
Plant life, animal life, more subtle life, humans... we are all inter-connected...

Realize the implications when we humans go on polluting this Mother Plane.

We humans should be the protectors of this place
It is up to us humans to protect this place ánd to protect each other: that is a true living togetherness.

How can we humans protect the natural EMF of Mother Nature?
How can we humans protct the natural EFM of Mother Nature and how can we protect each other?

We people are electro-magnetic BEings living in an electro-magnetic Cosmos: we emit eletro-magnetic energy from the center of our Torus Field which is the Heart.

Living from the One Heart Torus Field
Living from the One Heart is living from total body intelligence, total awareness, a total mature 'chakra system' which is a pilar of light in alignment with Mother Earth and our Creator.

People who live from the Heart know the transition is not about the I but about the I-in-We. They understand the transition is IN our living togetherness. And they do not choose to leave people behind, they include all in the transition. This morning someone said to me 'if I was given the option to leave this matrix right now and be totally free... I couldn't... I can't leave knowing this place is still broken': this is an expression of Real Love, the Motherly Love: She will not leave her children behind... none of her children.

The heart of those people is huge and their love is deep: they feel TRUE/REAL pain in seeing other people's life, plant life, animal life (and even more subtle life) being in suffering. They have a deep understanding that its difficult to transform and heal on a personal level having an empty stomach or being afraid of losing your house or whatever suffering in the personal lives of their fellow man. Their compassion is immense. Those people are not saviors, not at all. They are authentic and true in their heart space and they simply understand natural living on Earth is IN our living togetherness. We are in the 'game' all together and its up to us humans to transit together.

What Mother Earth and we ourselves do need is a natural living together from Source Consciousness, from Essence which is True Love. We are not in need of an idea, nor a plan, but a place where all can thrive on this Mother Plane.

We are in deep need to live together in peace and heart to heart connection including each other with no agenda's attached. Even no stories about each other attached.

Nothing... of all this... Absolutely no divisiveness.

People who live from their Heart Space are the embedders for ALL Life on Earth. They co create a grid of true love and emit and live the frequency of love, and they are truly immersed in Mother Nature's EMF through their own EMF.

I am a beholder of this space...
~mascha roedelof

Are Trees Sentient Beings?
"We have this essentially arbitrary caste system for living beings. We say plants are the lowest caste, the pariahs because they don’t have brains, they don’t move, they don’t have big brown eyes. Flies and insects have eyes, so they are a bit higher, but not so high as monkeys and apes and so on. I want to remove trees from this caste system. This hierarchical ranking of living beings is totally unscientific. Plants process information just as animals do, but for the most part they do this much more slowly. Is life in the slow lane worth less than life on the fast track?

Perhaps we create these artificial barriers between humans and animals, between animals and plants, so that we can use them indiscriminately and without care, without considering the suffering that we are subjecting them to."

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"The new view, by contrast, is that plants are dynamic and highly sensitive organisms, actively and competitively foraging for limited resources both above and below ground, and that they are also organisms which accurately compute their circumstances, use sophisticated cost-benefit analysis, and that take defined actions to mitigate and control diffuse environmental conditions.

Moreover, plants are also capable of a refined recognition of self and non-self and this leads to territorial behavior. This new view considers plants as conscious, information-processing organisms with complex communication throughout the individual plant, including feelings and perception of pain, among other things.

Plants are as intelligent and sophisticated in behavior as animals but their potential has been masked because it operates on time scales many orders of magnitude longer than that operation in animals…

Owing to this lifestyle, the only long-term response to rapidly changing environments is an equally rapid adaptation: therefore, plants have developed a very robust communication, signaling and information-processing apparatus…

Besides abundant interactions with the environment, plants communicate and interact with other living systems such as other plants, fungi, nematodes, bacteria, viruses, insects, and predatory animals."

Plant Consciousness: The Fascinating Evidence Showing Plants Have Human Level Intelligence, Feelings, Pain and More