Witte Kool fermenteren naar Zuurkool


Witte Kool
Keltisch Zeezout


Easy to make, just a little effort to 'massage' the cabbage with Celtic Seasalt until it becomes more soft and the liquid is coming out of the cabbage (20-30min or so).

Put in a jar, press firmly and put liquid on top, cover with the most outer leaf of the cabbage. When necessary put a stone or something heavy on top. Let sit for 14 days or so. The put in clean jars and store in your cellar or other cold place.

Sauerkraut has all the benefits of traditional fermented foods, including the abundance of natural probiotics. It is made using natural lactic acid fermentation. In other words, beneficial Lactobacillus bacteria do the hard work of breaking down the cabbage into its delicious and salty final product.